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Our ultimate mission is an empowered Gen-Z community through unforgettable photography experiences and creative brand partnerships  that honor diversity and self-celebration. 

South Lume Creative is a purpose-driven agency that is dedicated to creating bold images and campaigns for Gen-Z audiences.

meet Alaina

I am so glad you found my little corner of the interwebs. I started this agency to create a space where you could be yourself. Where you could see others who look like you. Where you could take a moment to breathe and celebrate your journey. Where you could stand out. And where you could blast Drake UNAPOLOGETICALLY. 

SLC is the brand I needed as a young adult trying to figure life out. Each photo session combines all that I stand for. Diversity, Inclusivity, Creativity and Self-Celebration. Let's have a gooood time. 

Dallas native. Beyonce's imaginary back up dancer. Boba tea lover. 

Meet The Founder: Alaina

Creative Services: What We Do Best

Tell a diverse and inclusive story that connects with the culture

Stand out online and at live events with colorful headshots

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Flex that winning energy with creative photos for groups

Defeat senioritis and capture a massive milestone

- Kylia 

"What made me enjoy working with Alaina was how kind and patient she was! It was a great time."

praise from clients

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Class of 2021

"The environment was amazing and just comfortable. Alaina was very kind and made me feel safe and in a safe place."

praise from clients

- Taylor