College Senior Photo Ideas at SMU

There is a special place in my heart for SMU because the students are LITERALLY my neighbors. (No literally, I live basically down the street lol). I spend a lot of time at the campus and I think that most people can agree that it is BREATHTAKING. However, I’m starting to not only love the iconic locations like Dallas Hall but the more hidden gems like Selecman Hall and Perkins Chapel.

I loved these spots so much that I decided to do a shoot there. Ryah, Mia, Faith and Regina are SO active on SMU’s campus and graciously decided to be my models!

Before heading to the spots I mentioned above, you HAVE to take photos in the boulevard at SMU. This is truly a breathtaking location and is the perfect background for senior college photos. The SMU sign is a warm welcome to this space as it stretches literally down to Dallas Hall. It’s HUGE.

After the boulevard, head straight over to Selecman and Perkins Chapel. There are SO many spots at this location that you could spend an hour taking senior college photos here alone. It is spring right now so you get an extra plus with the budding flowers. PERFECTION.

The possibilities for the perfect senior college shoot at SMU are truly endless. As you plan yours, try to add some of these locations to the list! And don’t forget to bring your crew. Adding friends to any photoshoot just makes things much more fun!

Ready to do a shoot with me? Fill out my contact page! And don’t forget to follow me on IG so we can be friends: @southlumephoto.

K, bye.

Southern Methodist University Hidden Photo Gems

April 5, 2023

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