Top 5 Places to Take Pics | University of North Texas

January 5, 2023

Can I start this by saying I LOVE UNT in Denton! It’s where all my friends went to college. UNT is even where my dad went to college. When Jessica reached out to do her grad shoot at North Texas, it was an immediate YASSS.

We spent literally over two hours at UNT because there were so many locations to choose from on campus. I’m going to break down the best spots to go if you’re doing a photoshoot. You are WELCOME.

1.Hurley Administration Building

This building is a classic, #1 pick. It has the gorgeous white pillars in front, which gives you a variety of options! I believe that this is a must for every UNT grad student.

2.UNT Letters – Welcome Sign

Another perfect spot to show off your North Texas pride. The letters are MASSIVE so get creative! Sit in them. Stand in them. Do all the things.

3.The I-35 Monument

Okay, so this spot is a gym. YES, everyone goes for the UNT sign. HOWEVER. Right behind this sign is the coolest tree. I was so happy Jessica was down to try this spot. I loved how it turned out.

4.Library Mall and Arch Structure

I feel like Library Mall and the Arch is another staple on campus. I’ve seen so many seniors get in the fountain too! We didn’t do that here but I’m kind of down for that.

5. The UNT Mural

Last but def not least is the North Texas campus mural. I think this is a must and I hope to come back to UNT and take a grad photos there.

I hope this list helped you to think of some ideas for a senior shoot!

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K, bye.

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