CLASS OF 2023! It’s your time to shine big fellass. If you’re a high school senior getting ready for to plan your senior photoshoot, have no fear because I am here. There are some key things you can do to make sure your pictures come out amazing and I am letting you in on all the tea below!

Here are my top tips to help you plan your senior photoshoot:

  1. Talk to your photographer

Before the photoshoot, talk to your photographer about what you want your pictures to look like. Let them know what kind of places you like and what you want to wear. This will help your photographer plan the best location and style for your pictures. DO NOT BE SHY. If you aren’t feeling their suggestions, let them know so that you both are on one accord and you feel confident on the big day.

  1. Choose a great location

Think about what kind of place you want to take your pictures. Some good options include parks, college campuses, downtown cityscapes or sports fields (Pinterest will be your bff for this). Make sure you check out the location before the photoshoot so you can find the best spots to take pictures and what their hours are. I have planned way too many shoots without checking this and that is a mistake you DON’T want to make.

  1. Plan your outfit

Pick clothes that show off your style and make you feel confident. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or create a mood board. Don’t forget to bring different outfits in case you want to change your look. And try them on BEFORE the shoot. You do not want to feel uncomfortable and weird the day off because you waited to break in your shoes 15 minutes before the shoot.

  1. Lighting is everything

Lighting is KEY for the best pictures. Try to schedule your photoshoot for early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the light is soft and pretty. This is called golden hour.

  1. Bring props!

Props can make your pictures more interesting and show off your personality. Think about bringing things like sports gear, musical instruments, or books. Even better, BRING YOUR PET. Those are the best photos ever, truly.

  1. Breathe, stretch, shake and let it go

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, so be ready to adjust. If the weather is bad or something else happens, stay calm and be flexible. Everything is going to turn out the way it’s supposed to so try not to get in your head. Relax and have fun!

By following these tips, you can plan a senior photoshoot that will be fun and give you great pictures to remember this special time in your life. YOU GOT THIS BOO.

Ready to do a shoot with me? Fill out my contact page! And don’t forget to follow me on IG so we can be friends: @southlumephoto.

K, bye.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Senior Photoshoot

April 6, 2023

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